The Lagos Fashion and Design Week

An Annual Platform that Allows Local Designers to Come Together and Showcase their Products.

Designers also socialize and network at the event

Founded over a decade ago, the event has helped many startups find an investor or capital funding for their budding businesses

Luxurious designs

Luxury designs showcased on the Fashion and Design Week runway can take several weeks or months to become available in stores. However, Alibaba and Amazon allow consumers to make orders and receive them the next day.

Designers want to have inventories ready earlier to monetize on seasons faster and reach the right target clients with influencers and multichannel advertising. They also deploy systems that promote fast sales online and offline through various devices.

The Lagos Fashion and Design Week allows startups to provide solutions to existing problems. A solid pitch deck at networking events allows designers to connect with the right investors.

With the Fashion and Design Week in Lagos, “fashion startups” access solutions to their problems and get a chance to differentiate their brand. They also pitch innovative ideas to the right investors in a platform that isn’t crowded like most networking events.

At the event startups pitch to individual designers or brands, fashion accelerators or VCs, agency-level producers, or large organizations that comprise of designers, events, and fashion brands

Women’s Wear

Summer Collections

Men’s Wear

Summer Collections

Daisey Dress by Kaja Clothing
JAG Freedom Embroidered Blouse

Lyle Vintage Classic Sun Glasses

Street Wear by Sherman

Lagos Fashion And Design Week