Founded January 1873, Heineken is the world’s most international premium beer produced by the Dutch brewing company, Heineken International. Sold in more than 170 countries, and known for its signature green bottle and red star, it has been incorporated with numerous beer brands from different countries all over the world including, Mexico, China, and Africa.


The Vlisco Group designs, produces and distributes fashion fabrics for the West and Central African market and African consumers in global metropolitan cities. Founded in Helmond, The Netherlands, in 1846, the Vlisco Group and their fabrics have grown into an essential part of African culture, receiving widespread attention from the art, design and fashion worlds.

British Council

Founded in 1934, The British Council has been working with over 100 countries to create work culture relations and foster relationships of understanding between the UK and the wider world.  Focusing on the arts, education and the English language they aim to improve trust and Kay foundations for prosperity around the world.

Maybelline NY

Maybelline New York is the world’s leading cosmetics brand available in over 129 countries. Founded in 1915 and has since been combining technologically advanced formulas with on-trend expertise to offer innovation, affordable, and effortless cosmetics for every woman.

FETS wallet

Funds and Electric Transfer Solution

FETS is a mobile money operator that allows for transfer of funds using electronic value of money. Licensed by the central bank of Nigeria, FETS is able to assist banks in creating products and services for the under banked as well as design payment solutions for payroll, sales and revenue collection. They bank of providing convenience, reliability and affordability.




Media Partners

Business Day

Business Day, founded in 2011, is a leading West African newspaper. Based in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos they Provide business intelligence and information focusing on the Nigerian economy with rights to contents from the economist, The Financial Times, Harvard Business Review and Reuters.


The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria is an independent newspaper enterprise, established in 1983 for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events, and of promoting the best interests of Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria’s biggest and best selling newspaper that is committed to the best traditions and ideals of republican democracy.

Style Vitae

Style Vitae is Nigeria’s premiere dedicated fashion & lifestyle online platform, locally flavoured but with international standards and appeal. It offers resourceful tips on everything you need to live with style ranging from fashion and trends to beauty and health, food and drinks, travel and destinations.


BellaNaija is a Nigerian online magazine and blog that focuses on news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and other media contents aimed at Pan-African and Nigerian audiences.


Pulse Ng is Nigeria’s popular online news platform. Founded 2011 as a subsidiary of Ringier Nigeria, it has been offering 24/7 news,  music, movies, events, sports and more.


Genevieve Magazine is Nigeria’s leading lifestyle magazine that serves as “a complete lifestyle guide and best friend, inspiring wholesomeness globally in all women” and the men in their lives.